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The added value of partnerships

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.” quote by HENRY FORD

I believe this quote perfectly represents the relationship we started with #SENECAutomation back in 2013. By using their products, we identified not only a reliable hardware manufacturer but also a #partner for discussing many automation technologies. Over time, our relationship has strengthened thanks to synergistic actions, sharing skills and ideas, from developing new features in #IoT products to complex and cutting-edge cloud automation, energy saving, and building automation projects.

Below, we provide a joint testimonial about our partnership, an interview featuring both SENECA and Innovation System, curated by #NadiaComunicazione.

We hope that reading this sparks #reflection on what we can all do together for our #PlanetEarth if we #unite our strengths and skills.

Headquarters SENECA

SENECA is a company based in Padua with 35 years of experience in #industrialautomation and #remotecontrol: the plant designs hardware, firmware, and configuration software for tools and internally produces electronic boards for national, European, and international markets.

Commercial offices, marketing, technical support, logistics, and administration complete the organizational structure at the Padua headquarters.

For about ten years, Innovation System and SENECA have been collaborating to provide customers with an increasingly comprehensive service, offering a tailored Hardware/Software/Installation package that is highly customizable.

We discuss this with Davide Egidi, partner at Seneca Srl, and Elena Lazar and Simone Zanon, owners of Innovation System Srl, who tell us about the #innovative journey taken by the two partner companies.

What are the advantages and motivations that have led you to strengthen your collaboration and choose each other as partners?

S: SENECA chose Innovation System as a partner for Software solutions with the goal of providing the end customer with an advantageous and truly competitive package: SENECA designs and produces the Hardware, while Innovation System plays the dual role of Software house and System Integrator.

I: SENECA convinced us thanks to the high quality standards of its internally designed and produced products, a Venetian Made in Italy excellence that closely matches our vision, making it easy to relate and quickly resolve supply needs, even in emergencies.

Ambiti applicativi dei prodotti SENECA

What are the strengths of the partnership that add value to the comprehensive package offered?

S: The experience gained together in many important corporate realities belonging to different sectors and Innovation System's ability to install systems while knowing the technical issues on the field are an added value: software houses usually do not have this vertical competence, so they hardly provide such a performing product. The competitiveness of the complete package should not only be seen in economic terms but also in terms of customization possibilities based on the customer's needs.

I: We deal directly with SENECA, the hardware manufacturer, without the intermediation of third parties, as is the case with multinational manufacturers, and combine it with our proprietary software of which we are both Software House and System Integrator: these direct steps allow us to be very competitive.

Anticipating market needs by studying cutting-edge solutions is another strength.

We consider the growth of internal skills fundamental to providing an increasingly tailor-made product: sharing know-how and continuous comparison between the two companies are a stimulus for both realities. Sometimes Innovation System tests hardware components in advance, or vice versa, Seneca proposes functionalities integrable into the software thanks to inputs that also come from foreign requests.

What are the benefits for the customer?

I: Companies today ask us to meet various needs: acquiring data from the field and performing remote actions and assistance, as well as predictive analysis and strategic choices. For example, many of the tools designed and produced by Seneca combined with Innovation System's software solutions allow answering concrete questions about very common issues today: "Where am I consuming more and why?"

Various indicators can be obtained from consumption analysis, allowing action in different directions: optimizing consumption, understanding if a machine is breaking down (predictive system), managing systems, optimizing the production process.

S: Another benefit for the customer resulting from the partnership is the single technical, administrative, and legal contact that responds throughout the entire process, up to installation and assistance, solving very complex technical issues and customizing the service.

Are there any constraints for the customer?

S: We would like to underline that the customer is free to choose whether to adhere to the complete proposed package or rely on one of the two companies based on their needs: the partnership maintains the independence of the companies, and there are no exclusivity agreements.

I: If the customer wishes to use their suppliers for one or the other activity, they are considered free from any constraints.

The matching of #skills and the consolidated field experience of both companies is the strength of the #collaboration established as well as the added value of the innovative proposal that our customers and partners in Italy and abroad are appreciating.

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