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Industrial Automation

Maximize your productivity with industrial automation.

Industrial automation is one of the key ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing operations.

Automation relies on the use of advanced technologies, such as IoT (Internet of Things) systems, artificial intelligence, and digital control, to make production processes more automated, intelligent, and autonomous.

What are the benefits of
automating production?

With the help of Innovation System, companies can approach

industrial automation to obtain several benefits.

Increased productivity and improved safety

By automating machines, repetitive tasks are performed with greater speed and precision, reducing production cycle times.
Automation can also replace operators in heavy or dangerous jobs.


Real-time monitoring

By acquiring real-time data, you can identify trends, energy waste, anomalies, or potential problems, helping operators to intervene promptly.

Reduced operating costs

Automated systems can be programmed to optimize energy use, reducing consumption.
Preventive maintenance can help prevent costly breakdowns.


How can we help businesses?

By conducting an analysis of the customer's needs, we can offer

personalized and targeted solutions aimed at effective and lasting optimization, supporting companies in the process of digitization and automation of production processes.

Data acquisition and interaction for Industry 5.0

With our OnSystem IoT platform, you can acquire and interact with data: this data will be used for trend analysis or to identify potential problems, to obtain useful information for making strategic decisions, to optimize processes and develop new products.


Thanks to the data acquired, it is possible to predict when a machine or component needs maintenance. This leads to monetary savings, as it helps the operator to intervene in time in case of a breakdown and avoid replacing the machine.

Order management
and maps

The dashboard of our software allows you to easily manage machine orders, and both the plant and production cycle maps are loaded: in this way the user can view and control the machines remotely.


Remote control allows companies to manage operations more easily. Having this control, the company will be able to intervene more easily in case of breakdowns, or to remotely program various commands.


Maintenance tracking is a system that monitors and records the entire history of maintenance interventions on machinery and equipment. This allows you to have a clear history and helps you to better plan maintenance, avoiding unexpected machine downtime.

Human-machine interaction

Industry 5.0 is based on human-machine interaction: more intuitive, efficient and user-friendly communication allows the operator to work better in contact with the machine and to improve productivity.


Compatibility and interoperability

We believe that the compatibility of hardware and software devices and components is essential. That's why we have chosen to adopt standard industrial communication protocols. These protocols ensure flexibility in the interfacing between devices and systems, allowing them to communicate with each other in a uniform and consistent manner.


This process translates into the simplicity of implementing process digitization even in existing plants, favoring a circular economy approach. In fact, the intervention does not require a complete plant revamp, but is limited to the replacement of individual obsolete parts.

The main application sectors
where we operate:

Remote control


Industry 5.0


Our Solutions as System Integrators:


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