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Solutions and application areas

The digital revolution starts with efficiency.

Innovation System is the ideal partner for those seeking solutions to enhance energy efficiency, automate industrial processes, implement IoT software, and integrate building automation systems.


With our wide range of products and services, we help businesses and public administrations to reach new levels of performance, optimizing resource utilization, and promoting sustainability.

Our solutions as System Integrators:

Le nostre soluzioni come System Integrators:

The application sectors where we operate:


BMS (Building

Management Systems)

Energy monitoring


Access control


Energy flows

OEE and TEEP monitoring


Remote control


Condition monitoring





Smart city

Commercial Buildings

Water Management

Energy Management

Remote control

Businesses can remotely monitor and control their systems and processes, ensuring efficient and reliable management.

Remote monitoring allows you to obtain real-time data, improving responsiveness and operational efficiency.


Energy is an integral part of everyday life: Innovation System helps companies and public administrations to optimize their structure thanks to custom electronic systems.

Our customized solutions allow you to identify areas for improvement and implement energy saving strategies.

telecontrollo e energia

Industry 5.0

Industry 4.0 ignited the spark of the digital revolution, but now it's time to take a step forward: Industry 5.0 is here.

Industry 5.0 puts humans at the center of the production process, enhancing their creativity and skills in connection with advanced technologies. With our experience and customized solutions, we help you in the 5.0 process.


Thermo-regulation is an important component for controlling the temperature in indoor and outdoor environments, and it is a fundamental aspect for ensuring comfort and energy efficiency.

The tools we offer allow you to regulate the temperature in an intelligent and personalized way.

Industria 5.0 e termoregolazione

IoT at your service: discover our Platform.

One of the four main solutions we offer is our proprietary and invented IoT software: it's called OnSystem. We have created an ecosystem that collects and processes data in real time and performs advanced analytics to optimize your operations and your building: the interface is unique, so you can easily control your business. It is user-friendly and scalable, to meet the needs of any company.


Discover our innovative solutions for digitization
and efficiency.

Optimize your business with Innovation System!

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