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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency: optimize costs and reduce environmental impact.

Energy efficiency is a very important factor for sustainable business management at the human, resource, environmental and economic levels.

With Innovation System's expert consulting and tailored solutions, companies can measure and assess the environmental impact of their activities and implement optimized strategies.

What are the benefits of improving the efficiency of your facility?

Thanks to the data collected by our OnSystem IoT Platform, companies can optimize their use of energy resources, reduce consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing to the efficiency of the organization.

Reduced energy costs

By optimizing the use of energy resources, significant savings can be achieved on energy bills, with a return on investment (ROI) in a short time.


Lower environmental impact

The reduction in energy consumption leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change and improving the company's image.

Improved competitiveness

The adoption of efficient technologies and processes makes companies more competitive on the market, demonstrating sensitivity to environmental and human issues, and responsible resource management.


How can we help businesses?

The data collected by our OnSystem monitoring platform is not estimated, but certain and verified. It not only offers a complete overview of energy consumption, but also opens up a range of possibilities for improving business sustainability.

Energy Management
System (EMS)

Our IoT Software monitors, controls, and optimizes energy use in a facility or in production. It collects real-time data from all of the company's energy systems, helping you to keep track of consumption and identify areas of inefficiency.


The data collected can be used to compile energy audits, where the causes of energy waste in the building or systems are identified and the energy efficiency is evaluated. Innovation System follows the customer in order to carry out energy audits with reliable data.

Action plans for efficiency and sustainability

Thanks to sustainability action plans, we can define concrete and measurable objectives, strategies and actions that a company can implement to improve its performance in terms of energy efficiency, reducing its ecological footprint.

Environmental Certifications

We help companies obtain various environmental certifications, such as ISO 50001 for energy management systems, ISO 52120 for energy performance of buildings, and ISO 14064 for the organization's Carbon Footprint.


The data collected by our software can also be used to create sustainability reports, which analyze energy resource consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and the environmental impact of a company's activities. This helps companies make choices at the social and strategic governance level. With the support of our partners, we can draft the entire sustainability reports.


The data is also used for LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), to help companies assess the impact of the product throughout its life cycle and obtain certification. We guarantee assistance by closely following this process.


Compatibility and interoperability

We believe that the compatibility of hardware and software devices and components is essential. That's why we have chosen to adopt standard industrial communication protocols. These protocols ensure flexibility in the interfacing between devices and systems, allowing them to communicate with each other in a uniform and consistent manner.

This process translates into the simplicity of implementing process digitization even in existing plants, favoring a circular economy approach. In fact, the intervention does not require a complete plant revamp, but is limited to the replacement of individual obsolete parts.

The main application sectors
where we operate:

Remote control


Industry 5.0


Our solutions as System Integrators:


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