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IATF Certification: how predictive maintenance made a difference

The implementation of IoT has optimized efficiency and led to a significant certification for the sector.

In our journey towards #sustainability, every step is interconnected. From webinars on eco-design to the pursuit of sustainable solutions, the Internet of Things emerges as a powerful lever. Constantly monitoring data not only enhances corporate sustainability but also offers tangible competitive advantages. This work has led to a significant certification, demonstrating that measurability is fundamental for our success and that of our clients.

impianto fotovoltaico

In the competitive world of the automotive industry, obtaining IATF 16949 certification is a testament to the quality and commitment of a company in manufacturing components for the #automotive sector.

One of our esteemed clients has recently achieved this important milestone, and we want to share with you the story of how our IoT platform combined with predictive maintenance management played a crucial role in this success.

Our challenge in this project was complex: our client, a manufacturer of components for the automotive sector, operated with a wide range of machinery, some at the forefront of 4.0 technology, while others were still based on dated or electromechanical automations. The need was to integrate these systems, acquire data from existing devices, and add new non-invasive sensors: our solution, therefore, involved complex interconnection and implementation of innovative technologies.

Dashboard showing machine values and performance radar.
Dashboard showing machine values and performance radar.

We then conducted various necessary analyses at the client's company, where we had already implemented Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) management, a fundamental index for measuring machine efficiency. Moreover, an operator panel had already been installed on each machine: by integrating our IoT platform OnSystem, the graphical interface was unified, simplifying the integration of the entire system.

The results were remarkable: thanks to the provided data, our client significantly improved machine performance index. This had a direct impact on the quality of their products and the lifespan of their machines, minimizing maintenance costs.

Dashboard avvisi manutenzione
Dashboard con gli avvisi per la manutenzione della macchina.

The ability to demonstrate with concrete data the control and management of their operations helped the company successfully pass an audit to obtain IATF 16949 certification, achieving the highest score.

This story showcases the potential hidden behind the collection and analysis of production data. Predictive maintenance, enabled by IoT technology, can not only enhance the company's #efficiency and #sustainability but also open doors to high-level certification opportunities.

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