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Florian Group has chosen the IoT platform OnSystem!

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

The New Partnership between Innovation System and Florian Group

From our recent collaboration with Florian Group, a European leader in hardwood timber processing, a new important project labeled Innovation System has emerged.

Stabilimenti Florian

The Riese Pio X-based Group has devoted effort and consistency to achieve a "zero waste" production process.

From the forest to the finished product, they have created their own #sustainable #ecosystem that, from today, will be monitored by Innovation System's IoT platform: OnSystem.

For a company sensitive to the circular economy and waste minimization like Florian, it has become essential to have a trusted #partner to support them in their digital transition and increase long-term optimization and efficiency of consumption and production processes.

They have found in our company the ideal partner to undertake this important path towards even more sustainable development.

Our platform will allow the Florian Group to monitor and manage all energy vectors and technological systems in order to optimize the consumption of the group's companies: from integrating renewable energies, such as #photovoltaic, to acquiring data on general consumption, ending with the calculation of CO2 emissions produced and saved. Therefore, thanks to the OnSystem IoT Platform, there is a detailed overview that will assist the Florian Group in the #energy efficiency strategy.

Dashboard for monitoring energy consumption from our IoT platform
Dashboard for monitoring energy consumption from our IoT platform

Conferenza Florian Group
Platform presentation at Florian Group's financial meeting

The OnSystem IoT Platform will also be useful in processing data from departments and production lines, notifying malfunctions, and thus allowing prompt maintenance intervention to ensure the optimal functioning of the production ecosystem.

We are ready to embrace the technological challenges ahead and lead Florian Group towards new cutting-edge implementations.

The Innovation System team is proud to collaborate on this ambitious project aimed at monitoring energy efficiency and optimizing the production processes of Florian Group's facilities, in Italy and abroad.

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