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The importance of energy monitoring

Addressing the digital transition and ecological crisis.

impianto fotovoltaico

Recently, we participated in the digital event 'EnergyUp 360 Summit,' where energy sector experts discussed the challenges and opportunities related to the digital transition in Italy.

During the webinar, there was talk about the necessity to #decarbonize our energy system, shift towards #renewable energies, and adopt smart industries.

Digitalization and energy monitoring are now crucial tools for resource control and optimization.

Energy monitoring represents an essential system that allows for measuring and collecting data related to any form of energy used by a company.

This process enables real-time data acquisition about the surrounding environment, analysis, and strategic decision-making to intervene and optimize resources based on needs.

esempio monitoraggio energetico

An IoT platform for energy monitoring plays a fundamental role: this tool offers a range of services, including data reception, storage in databases, management of alarms in case of non-reception from remote devices, and support and maintenance services.

Our IoT platform OnSystem, in addition to the aforementioned services, by collecting reliable and verifiable data:

  • Controls, supervises, processes, and manages reliable data useful for analyzing and adopting more effective strategies for the company.

  • Accurately calculates the times and consumptions of each processing step (core phase) monitored in the product's life cycle.

  • Provides accurate visibility into materials actually used to optimize their utilization.

  • Helps reduce the environmental impact of activities by adopting more efficient and low ecological footprint solutions.

  • Provides reliable and verifiable data to enable certifications useful to the company, such as energy diagnosis, LCA calculation, Carbon Footprint, etc.

Dashboard monitoraggio energetico
Energy consumption monitoring dashboard of our IoT platform

Participation in the 'EnergyUp 360 Summit' further motivated us to continue working toward the digital transition. Providing a platform for energy monitoring that allows companies to have complete control over their resources contributes to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.

Join us on the path towards a sustainable and digital energy future.

Contact us to discover how energy monitoring can make a difference for your company.

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