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🌍 LWG Certification: attesting to a more sustainable leather supply chain

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

How important is it for a tanning company to have a positive impact on the environment and communities?

It's now significantly relevant for industries to adopt #sustainable practices and optimize the use of resources and technologies, especially to achieve the #LWGcertification goal.

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It's not merely a regulatory imposition but an opportunity to enhance product quality and contribute to protecting the planet and its inhabitants.

For this reason, LWG certification has become the benchmark standard for the leather industry and a mark of assurance.

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The Leather Working Group is a non-profit organization that, over time, has developed audit standards and certifications with the contribution of various stakeholders in the supply chain to promote best practices in environmental management, social responsibility, and governance in leather production companies.

The certification audit, initiated in 2005, evaluates the environmental performance and compliance of sector companies. It considers aspects such as water and energy use, solid waste and effluent management, air and noise emissions, traceability, health and safety, chemical management, and compliance with restrictive substances.

The certification is valid for 24 months and is conducted on the production site to ensure compliance with quality standards.

The organization is also committed to understanding the environmental impact of leather production, referring to various data sources such as:

  • LWG Audit Standards;

  • LWG Environmental Impact Working Group;

  • LWG Lifecycle Assessment (LCA);

  • In the developmental phase: Carbon Footprint Calculator.

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The LCA study collects and analyzes data from at least 40 manufacturers in different regions worldwide, making it the largest ever conducted for this industry.

At Innovation System, we have the opportunity to collaborate with a tannery that values #sustainability: we've developed a personalized application, Inventory, for Conceria Zonta, designed to improve traceability and transparency.

The OnSystem IoT platform, along with the Inventory software, has helped them efficiently manage the chemical products warehouse. Through data analysis, the application has enabled full tracking of products, providing clear and detailed information on resource usage and environmental impact of their activities.

This data isn't only essential for the LWG certification process but also becomes a fundamental tool for making informed and strategic decisions about resource and energy management. With the OnSystem platform, companies can identify areas for improvement, optimize resource usage, and tangibly demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

We were gratified to see how our work has helped this company achieve an exceptional score in the LWG certification. This represents their ongoing commitment to social responsibility.

Contact us to learn more:

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