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💡Innovation System brings the light of the future with OLEV LED lamps

We want to talk about a project we have recently carried out: our collaboration with OLEV.

illuminazione lampade led parete

We recently participated in an innovative lighting project for OLEV, a leading LED lamp company.

For this project, designed for the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt last March, OLEV's wall-mounted LED lamps were used to create customized and dynamic lighting scenarios to provide a unique and immersive lighting experience.

At the heart of the project is the AxOn S107, an advanced device with the addition of a Dali gateway from Loytec. Through a softPLC built into the AxOn, lighting scenario logic was implemented, allowing different lighting configurations to be created according to the client's needs: thus, a wave effect, a snake effect, and a light dimming effect were created.

Interaction with the scenarios is done through a dedicated smartphone app, developed by our team: the app allows lighting scenarios to be controlled and modified quickly and easily, from multiple devices.

The project carried out for OLEV represents a concrete example of how Innovation System is able to offer innovative and customized lighting solutions, integrating cutting-edge technologies and putting people's well-being and energy saving at the center: in addition to an aesthetic and scenic effect, it is in fact possible to implement different lighting scenarios that promote comfort and health, such as the circadian cycle that simulates natural light during the day, or such as the integration with outdoor light that allows to automatically adjust the intensity of artificial lighting, going to optimize energy consumption.

Another key aspect is its integrability with even existing Building Automation systems: it thus becomes possible to coordinate lighting with other building management systems. This integration, although not implemented directly by our team, demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of the developed solution.

Innovation System is excited to become an active part of the development of these alternative lighting solutions: we are always ready to face the challenges that are proposed to us, in order to improve and find increasingly smart and efficient systems.

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