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Let's give voice to our guys - Luca's story

"Surpass yourself, and you will surpass the world." - Quote by Sant'Agostino

I believe one of Luca's most distinctive qualities is his #determination and eagerness to do things. For this reason, he is important to us, and we know we can always count on his help! Let's hear what he tells us about himself:


After obtaining my degree in Engineering in November 2020, I was in search of employment. Among the opportunities, I was informed by a university classmate that Innovation System was looking for a new person to join their team.

After contacting them and arranging an initial introductory meeting, I was #intrigued and #fascinated by the #projects they were working on and those they were planning for the future. That's when I decided to take the challenge and seize this opportunity because, even though my work skills weren't advanced, I had a great desire to learn.

In January 2021, I was hired.

In Innovation System, I found a young but #prepared team, always willing to clarify even the smallest doubts, which is not obvious in a work environment.

After over a year here, I can say I've delved into various fields, from wiring electrical panels, designing electrical diagrams, to writing PLC programs, and collecting and analyzing energy data from companies or residences. This has given me the opportunity to become interested in topics and issues I was previously unaware of.

Although I was guided and integrated into the team, one aspect I've learned to appreciate here in the company is trying to find a solution independently, learning to manage myself and, if necessary, 'banging my head' to arrive at a solution.

Un valore, quello della “libertà di poter sbagliare”, su cui l’azienda ha puntato fin da subito, per rendere più autonomi, responsabili e preparati i suoi collaboratori.

A value, that of 'the freedom to make mistakes,' on which the company has focused from the start, to make its employees more autonomous, responsible, and prepared.

As a part of the Innovation System group, we are growing, both in number and in skills, and I am very #happy to be part of it. I'm eager to deepen my knowledge, especially in programming, to bring #new and innovative ideas and to take on, without fear, even more #significant responsibilities in the future.

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