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🔎 360-degree traceability and control: warehouse management for chemicals gets smart

Let's take a look at how IoT Inventory Software revolutionized Conceria Zonta's chemical management, going on to optimize processes.

In the tanning industry, as well as in other fields, having everything in sight can be crucial, especially if you operate with sensitive products such as chemicals.

Conceria Zonta, a client company of ours, was looking for a comprehensive solution to efficiently track and control its products, which is why we launched an IoT software for warehouse management, Inventory.

Stabilimenti Florian

The company had several needs, from tracking (entry, exit, and movement) of chemicals to purchasing, from location within the plant to inventory supervision, as well as certification management (SAS codes). We at Innovation System took up this challenge and developed a modern and easily usable IoT software designed to simplify every required aspect.

Inventory's main features:

  • Master Data: all essential information organized in easy-to-navigate tables, from product management to notification logs.

  • Products: complete product details, including low stock alerts and integrated purchase requisitions as well as product MSDSs.

  • Loads/Unloads: tracking with unique QR code generation for each load.

  • Log: monitoring of critical events with the ability to acknowledge for proactive management.

  • Documents: centralized repository for all documents with search and management functions.

  • Accessibility: simple and intuitive user-friendly interface for all.

Dashboard di Inventory - schermata dei prodotti a magazzino
Inventory Dashboard - screen shot of products in stock

The implementation of the Inventory software, made in accordance with the European REACH Regulation - Reg. (EC) 1907/2006 and the ZDHC Procedure, together with our IoT platform OnSystem, have already brought significant improvements going to optimize the whole management:

  • Detailed traceability: with the provision of unique QR codes, there is a simplification of the system allowing for more precise management.

  • Integrated purchase requisitions: the software includes a feature that allows enabled users to make purchase requisitions directly from the application, a structured and documented process to make it easier.

  • Simplified management: with the ability to monitor inventories, loads and unloads in real time, planning operational activities is easier.

  • Centralized document repository: this feature simplifies consultation of important documents, reducing the risk of errors.

  • Material safety data sheets: each product has its own updated MSDS with directions on what to do in case of an emergency.

  • Automatic synchronization: the system has a scheduler that automatically performs periodic checks, such as expiration of documents and loads. It also backs up the database, ensuring data security.

Through our Inventory software, you get 360-degree tracking of products in the warehouse and the ability to view clear and detailed information, all of which helped Conceria Zonta achieve an outstanding score at the LWG certification, an important certification for the industry. The company has recently begun a process of digitizing its production processes, and we are grateful to have contributed to their efficiency.

At Innovation System, we continue to be committed to creating practical and advanced solutions for everyday business challenges, and we are happy to see how our products and services help with digitization and the 5.0 transition in practice.

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