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Our journey towards a sustainable future.

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At Innovation System, we believe that business success must go hand-in-hand with responsibility. We want our work to have a positive impact, not only in terms of profit, but also and above all on an environmental, social and territorial level.

For this reason, we offer our clients solutions and services aimed at sustainability, supporting them in reducing their energy and resource consumption, as well as in obtaining environmental certifications.

Our commitment to sustainability

We are deeply committed to promoting a sustainable business culture, focused on energy, process and production efficiency.

Since our foundation, we have recognized the importance of acting responsibly towards the environment and future generations.

We are committed to raising awareness among companies about sustainable practices and helping them understand the importance of collecting, processing and analyzing energy and production data in order to reduce their environmental impact and improve resource efficiency.

Our responsible actions are oriented towards the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In our roadmap towards sustainability, we have identified the targets that most guide our concrete and daily commitment.


Valuing people and

their diversity.

Improving quality of life and air with our CQSensor.

Energy efficiency and raising awareness of sustainability policies.

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Improving quality of life and air with our CQSensor.

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Energy efficiency and raising awareness of sustainability policies.

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Valuing people and

their diversity.

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Innovation for Industry 4.0, Building Automation

and Energy Efficiency.

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Reducing the environmental footprint of companies,

public authorities, schools and commercial spaces.

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Efficiency of production processes

and real time reporting.

Decreasing CO2 emissions and Carbon Footprint by pursuing international environmental policies.

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Sharing technological, innovative and cutting-edge Know-How.

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Promoting Partnership to spread a sustainable culture and development.

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Acting in Partnership with other companies to achieve the SDGs.

Acting in Partnership with other companies to achieve the SDGs.

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The OnSystem IoT Platform provides concrete and measurable data.

Carbon Footprint of our Organization

One of Innovation System's goals is to measure our impact. Calculating our Carbon Footprint has allowed us to identify the activities, sources and intensity of our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

The GHG inventory has provided us with a clear picture of our impact, helping us to understand where to intervene to reduce CO2 emissions and actively participate in the ecological transition.

Reducing and offsetting emissions is a central focus of our sustainability strategy.

Scope 1

Direct emissions generated by the company or that are under the control of the company.

Scope 2

Indirect emissions generated from the energy purchased and used by the company.

Scope 3

All indirect emissions generated throughout the company's supply chain.


Emissions from activities within the reporting boundaries of our GHG Inventory are equal to 33.65 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

Emissions by category

Category 3: Indirect emissions from transportation


Category 1: Direct GHG emissions and removals


Emissions by source

Inbound freight transport


Natural gas


Employee commuting




Transportation fuel


Category 2: Indirect emissions from the consumption of acquired energy


Calculate your Organization's Carbon Footprint with Innovation System!

Together, we can reduce your environmental impact.

Upcoming sustainability events

Sustainable exhibitions, webinars and events.

Key Energy
The Energy Transition Expo

Discover our "Guide to Energy Efficiency" at the exhibition from February 28th to March 1st.


Energy monitoring as a competitive advantage

A strategic driver towards a sustainable and competitive business - ISO 50001.

Innovation System at Ecomondo for the first time

Ecomondo 2023

Together with our partners, SustainMe, Pininfarina, Ecoesedra and Nalucoat we launched the "Road to Neutrality" project,with the aim of proposing strategies and tools for impact reduction, as described in the editorial "Il Corriere della Sostenibilità".

Digital Green Week

We were involved in the launch and opening event of the Digital Green Week, participating in a webinar organized by Kyoto Club entitled "Ecodesign and impact measurement - LCA, Carbon Footprint and digital platforms to measure and reduce corporate and product/service impact".

DGW logo

Green Talk

During the Ecomondo exhibition, we discussed System Integration in support of sustainability with our partners, moderated by the director of Raffaele Lupoli.

Events and webinars 2023

We shared our experience by reporting case studies and best practices for efficiency, participating in thematic events and webinars.

Confindustria Emilia - Modena
Ecodesign and calculation of Carbon and Water Footprint

Event organized by QualiWare, with the patronage of Confindustria Emilia Centro, in partnership with SustainMe, Nalucoat, Nanoprom and Ecoesedra.

Measuring Sustainability

Online webinar organized by Ecoesedra, with the technical support of the certification body Bureau Veritas, SustainMe and Merakyn.

Sustainability is a matter of partnership

We are inspired by the 17 Goals - Agenda 2030: acting in a network.

Sustainability is a systemic, complex and integrated concept that requires vertical skills.

We therefore wanted to build a network of people who share our values and purpose, aimed at generating a common positive impact.


We are members of Kyoto Club, a non-profit organization committed to achieving the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol and the European Green Deal.

We are members of SustainMe, hub di professionisti specializzati nella formazione e nella definizione di strategie integrate di sostenibilità.


We are partners of, a web magazine of free and accredited information on environmental issues.


Want to know more?

Find out more about Innovation System and how we can help you in achieving your goals.

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