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Let's give voice to our guys... Mattia's Story

There's no better key than the will to open a door. - Hasier Agirre

When I think of Mattia, this phrase comes to mind, representing his strong audacious personality. With his help, we're revising various parts of our software systems. Let's hear what he tells us about himself...


I came from a long experience (over 6 years) in a fairly structured company that produced and marketed its own software in production management. This reality was (and still is) certainly solid and forward-looking, but lately, whether due to the pandemic or simply monotony, I began to feel a lack of passion in carrying out my daily activities and in general, a #lack of #stimuli.

So, at the beginning of 2021, I began to look around to explore the offers on the market. That's when I found Elena's advertisement on LinkedIn seeking a software developer with experience.

The required #technological skills weren't exactly those I mastered. Still, the description of the small reality, the reference sector (industrial automation, IoT sensor technology, and home automation), and the themes of sustainability, consumption analysis, and #energy efficiency certainly #fascinated me. Finally, I was convinced that my more "hands-on" side could be widely #fulfilled by this job.

So, I applied with all the #hesitations that come with it. Indeed, leaving an established reality and one's own "comfort zone" is never an easy choice. However, after a series of interviews and more or less informal exchanges with Daniel (the main software developer), I made my decision, also thanks to the #interest shown in my professional and "human" figure. I decided to embark on this new adventure.

The #stimulus to learn new #technologies, apply them in the real world, developing real and cutting-edge #solutions reignited in me the desire to take on challenges.

Thus, last summer (2021), I landed at Innovation System. The initial times were really #exciting with an exponential amount of new things to learn. Thanks to Daniel's guidance, and the patience and trust of the owners and colleagues, I quickly managed to bring my daily #contribution to the company, mastering technologies that were completely unknown to me a few months earlier.

I see a lot of potential in this reality, and I'm extremely confident because "so much" has been created in "so few."

The serene, stimulating, and proactive #environment has allowed us to produce and develop high #quality #projects in less than a year, satisfying ourselves and the customer, working as a team but also trying to be autonomous and #proactive.

The sector is cutting-edge, and the market is increasingly hungry for #digital solutions to help/improve our daily work and private life. I see no major #limits to our business, except our #imagination and the desire to face new challenges.

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