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Let's give voice to our guys... Alex's Story

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new. - Quote by Dalai Lama

This phrase characterizes Alex particularly for his strong ability to listen. For us, his human and professional contribution is very important because, thanks to his experience, he adds additional value to the ideas we have and to our personal and company philosophy. I hope his story is interesting for you too...


In my not-so-short professional journey, I came across Innovation System.

How did it happen?

Almost a year ago, I held the position of technical manager at an electrical material distributor. I was responsible for finding #solutions for customers in industrial #automation.

In my deck of cards, an important ace was Innovation System with its #data collection platform that could easily reconcile, thanks to its well-conceived structure, the data collection from the field with innovative yet simple web visualization, which is a must-have these days in the cutting-edge systems of large companies.

Initially, I became #passionate about this project precisely because of the #ease with which a customer could independently manage and analyze data with a platform that adapted to their needs, almost like a tailored suit.

#Tired of a job that wasn't suitable for me, I decided to learn more about this new reality, and without hesitation, I responded to a job advertisement that concerned precisely my figure, PLC programming.

When I met Elena and Simone, I immediately understood that the #spirit of Innovation System was #different from all the other companies I had seen up to that moment.

During the interview, I was #fascinated by the #sparkle in their eyes as they gradually unraveled all the #projects they had in mind, some crazy, others much more concrete, but in each one of them, I perceived their desire to put every single drop of energy they had into it. This is what you convey when you put your heart into something.

Each team member is a #collaborator for them, not an employee, something not to be underestimated after what we've been through, care not only for the person as a worker but for the individual itself.

Having already had good #experience as a #PLC programmer and a #passion for everything related to programming in general, I realized that it could be not only a good opportunity for me but at the same time, I could be a good #pawn for the Innovation System team.

In this past year, I have acquired new knowledge about communication protocols, thanks to the continuous #interaction with other #colleagues.

Furthermore, I could #deepen areas that I had never previously approached in a complete way, such as temperature regulation.

Collaborating with large companies has given me the opportunity to challenge myself again to find improvement solutions for industrial processes that could meet our customers' needs.

Until now, I have mainly dealt with the rough programming of machinery, but in the future, I could be an #important node regarding the #coordination of software development and the #growth of the industrial automation department.

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