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Innovation System: where everything begins...

It's a matter of chemistry, intuition, and unity: that's what made our difference.

We listened to each other and gave credit to our ideas and dreams: this is how the current Innovation System was born in 2013. I had a permanent job that I liked, but I felt I could do more. Simone, on the other hand, already had a company but wanted to create something together. So we #combined our #skills: he brought technical skills from his extensive experience in the field of #electricalsystems and #BuildingAutomation, while I brought organizational and managerial skills.

Simone and Elena
Quest'unione si è rivelata vincente nel tempo. Oggi siamo cresciuti proprio grazie a questa trasversalità e visione lungimirante.

This union proved to be successful over time. Today, we have grown precisely because of this cross-disciplinary approach and forward-thinking vision. We tried to create a young, lean, and dynamic reality that puts #people first. In our small way, we try to maintain a good atmosphere among colleagues and give individuals space to express their potential. We are immensely grateful to our collaborators for the support and collaboration we are building day by day.

Here's what emerged about us from the #teambuilding work we did with Nadia:

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